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Movie Nights Pin

Movie Nights Pin

There was a time when watching a movie at night involved more than a streaming service and turning on the tv. It was an adventure to the video rental store to find or discover the movie you would watch later. Equipped with your video store rental card and the hope that you didn't have any late fees, you soldiered on. You suffered the heartache of seeing all copies rented of the latest release you wanted to see. You crossed your fingers and asked the store clerk if they had any copies in the return bin... maybe you even dared to try a staff pick. In the end you left satisfied with your choices as you left the video rental store. It was going to be a good night. It was movie night.

Pin Features
• Design : Custom VHS Video Tape
• Material : Hard Enamel Pin
• Metal Finish : Black Nickel
• Colors : White (Glow in the Dark)
• Size : 1.25"
• Backing : Metal Military Clutch
• Custom Card Backing : Randomly Selected